Listed below are quotes by Dr. Jimmy Abraham during his 38 years of working at Mississippi State University.  Some of his former students put these together, and although others may have said them, no one did so with as much passion as Dr. Abraham.  As you can see, we appropriately titled this section “jimmyisms”.

A tear is a universal language.
A joy shared is a joy doubled.
A yes means yes.
Actions speak louder than words.
Aim to improve yourself rather than to criticize others.
Be a role model.
Be a team player.
Be not afraid.
Being nice and kind are acceptable behaviors.
Celebrate differences.
Cling to the Cross.
Distinguish between major and minor events.
Do things on time.
Do what you need to do from class to class.
Do what you say you are going to do.
Do your best.
Don’t be afraid to dream. Dreams do come true, even when they seem to be shattered.
Don’t compare yourself to others.
Don’t complain.
Don’t ever wish your life away.
Don’t let anyone intimidate you.
Don’t say “I’m looking forward to” but rather “I’m excited about.”
Don’t take things for granted.
Don’t wait for friends to leave this earth before you give them a standing ovation.
Earn your 5 F’s in college – Friends, Family, Focus, Faith, and Forgive.
Evaluate yourself.
Every day begins a new year.
Failure is not fatal; success is not final.
Focus on the fundamentals.
Give thanks for all you have.
Go the extra mile.
Go with what you’ve got.
Have confidence in yourself.
I didn’t forget a one, not a one.
“I’m glad I’ve got” instead of “I wish I had.”
Just as you are watching others, right back at you.
Keep that honeymoon feeling.
Keep things in perspective.
Lead by example.
Learn to learn, not to make an A.
Life is an attitude.
Listen to others, not just hear them.
Little things become big things.
Live Christmas every day.
Live for today.
Live life day by day.
Love unconditionally, and don’t be afraid to use the word love.
Make few promises, but keep the ones you make.
Make special letters special.
Make time for others.
Never lose self-control.
Nothing is routine when dealing with the lives of other people.
Notice me; make me feel important.
People support what they help create.
Practice, practice, practice.
Remember names.
Remember that regret and fear are twin thieves that rob us of today.
Respect all people.
Service is non-negotiable.
Support others.
Take lots of pictures.
Take time to write special letters.
Thank God for unanswered prayers.
Thank others.
The prize goes to those who finish.
The ride is the best part of the journey.
The station will come soon enough.
There is always another at bat.
There is no small commitment.
Time is yours until you commit it.
Trust and thank.
When you think you’re ready, you’re not.
Worry about yourself and no one else.
Write a note to someone occasionally.
You are as precious as the day is long.
You can.
You can do anything for a day that you don’t have to do for the rest of your life.
You can learn a lot from sitting on the bench.
You can’t teach sincerity.
You do make a difference.
You make time for what is important.
You ready – come on.
You’re a gem.
You’re a hoss.