Inspirational.  Dynamic.  Uplifting.  These are just a few of the words I heard to describe Dr. Jimmy Abraham’s remarks from attendees at our organization’s kickoff meeting.  Dr. Abraham managed to encourage the almost 700 women in the audience as he spoke about the connections we can make with those around us.  He reminded a group that was already committed to serving others just how much those efforts can benefit our lives and the lives of others.  Since his speech, his words have helped solidify our strategic initiatives on inclusion.  His written leadership tips that he shared with our members have sparked positive reminders to live a life that truly matters.  As a speaker, Dr. Abraham has the unique ability to weave personal experience and life lessons into his message, all with a good dose of humor.  With his universally applicable lessons on life, I would not hesitate to recommend him for any speaking engagement, large or small. 
Meredith Aldridge 
2018-2019 President, Junior League of Jackson

We recently held our annual orientation for teachers (pre-kindergarten through 12th grade) at the beginning of the school year.  During this time, Dr. Jimmy Abraham motivated and encouraged our faculty with his authentic presentation.  His experience, professionalism, and, most importantly, his passion for influencing young people’s lives were as evident as his physical presence.  We all left the session inspired to embrace the new academic year with the desire to make a positive difference in someone’s life.  He also left us some very practical ideas as to how to make it happen.
Dan Boyce
Headmaster, East Rankin Academy

Dr. Jimmy Abraham provided our keynote address at the 2018 Louisiana Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers Conference.  As the President of LACRAO, I was eagerly anticipating his presentation after reading his biography and learning about his wealth of knowledge concerning higher education.  Throughout his presentation, he kept the audience’s attention by demonstrating a genuine perspective and true wisdom.  We are thankful to have heard his story and how we can become stronger practitioners in higher education.
Andy Cline
Director of Admissions, Advancement, and Recruiting, Loyola College Prep 

Dr. Jimmy Abraham has the gift of story-telling from his personal experiences that will stir emotions to challenge and encourage your employees and students.  While I was serving as the dean of students at Alabama Southern Community College, we invited him to make a presentation to the student services staff for our annual staff retreat and then he returned to be the keynote speaker for the student leadership training for student leaders.  His message to each group was personalized, motivational, and inspirational.  For several years after he spoke, the professional staff members were quoting parts of his presentation and regularly discussed how encouraged they were by his comments.  After the student leadership training event, our student leaders mentioned how they valued his passion and felt empowered to lead their peers.
Dr. Melissa Haab
Former Dean, Enrollment Management, Coastal Alabama Community College
Dean, Enrollment Services, Itawamba Community College

Drawing from a deep well of many years of leading and serving, Dr. Jimmy Abraham delivered a message to our faculty and staff that was inspirational and went far beyond the stated objective of improving customer service.  His talk resonated with our team and reminded us of why we do what we do serving our students and their families.  His life’s work and passion have been focused on building relationships, and out of that experience he shared his message from his heart.  The authenticity of Dr. Abraham’s message was both piercing and refreshing.  If you are looking for someone to inspire the very best in your teammates and how they relate to others both within and outside your organization, you need look no further than Dr. Abraham.
Cliff Kling
Former President, Jackson Academy
President and CEO, Gulliver Schools

Dr. Jimmy Abraham’s words of wisdom were inspirational to our Summer Show-Offs staff.  Hearing stories from his years of experience mentoring young adults was priceless to our team.  He inspired everyone in attendance not only to be their best, but even more importantly, to give their best to others.  Our staff left the meeting ready to change the world.  
Cecile Martin
Co-Director, Summer Show-Offs

Dr. Jimmy Abraham’s presentation to our senior class didn’t just provide information, but also entertained the students with practical insights they could use this year and beyond.  Our students are still talking about his powerful stories and messages.
Col. William Merrell (Retired)
Director, Global Leadership Institute, Jackson Preparatory School

Dr. Jimmy Abraham truly captures the essence of care and compassion for life.  His stories of love and experience will remind you to stay focused on the important things at home, work, church, and everyday life.  His encouragement to make a difference in the lives of others will leave your organization feeling uplifted and encouraged to pay it forward.  Our team left Dr. Abraham’s talk “bouncing off the walls” to go help others.  His wisdom is contagious.
Kevin Russell
Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing, Belhaven University

Dr. Jimmy Abraham is a superstar on the topics of leadership, mentorship, and motivation.  For nearly four decades he has led thousands of students to discover and develop their own talents and gifts in these areas, while being a consistent role model of the highest standards of these traits.  Dr. Abraham had a huge influence on me when I was a student leader in college and he has remained a good friend and confidant through the years.  He is inspiring, funny, powerful, empathetic, and above all genuine in his desire to encourage others and to help make our world a more loving and tolerant place.  His is a voice that needs to be heard, and his message will resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
Dr. Allen Sills
Chief Medical Officer, National Football League

Dr. Jimmy Abraham shared a wealth of knowledge, understanding, humor, and encouragement with our faculty and staff.  His insightful keynote made us think, laugh, and remember our purpose as educators.  Dr. Abraham’s own experiences inspired us to begin our new year with renewed drive and dedication to our students.
Lori Smith
College and Career Coordinator, Meridian Community College

Dr. Jimmy Abraham was one of the best commencement speakers we have had at Northwest Mississippi Community College.  His commencement address was engaging, heartfelt, and inspirational to our students, their guests, and our faculty and staff in attendance.  Dr. Abraham promised to be brief in his remarks and he was, while still delivering a motivating and meaningful message.  Northwest received numerous compliments regarding Dr. Abraham’s address and I was honored to have him as the commencement speaker for my final graduation at Northwest Mississippi Community College.
Dr. Gary Lee Spears
President, Northwest Mississippi Community College (Retired)

If there is one word to describe Dr. Jimmy Abraham, it is authentic.  The best speakers are often the best storytellers, and Dr. Abraham has a gift for incorporating stories and meaningful anecdotes as connection points within his presentation.  If you can remember the story, you remember the message.  Personally, I have shared with my own children the principles of servant leadership that I learned from Dr. Abraham two decades ago; professionally, I know his unique approach to the topics of customer service and leadership rings true with his audiences today.  For those in education looking for a speaker to connect with students, faculty, and administrators, Dr. Abraham will draw from his life’s work to share a message with your team that is equally informative and inspirational.
Mandi Stanley
Certified Speaking Professional

Dr. Jimmy Abraham’s people skills have been refined during nearly four decades of pouring his life into college students through a long career at Mississippi State.  His positive influence stretches across countless professional and personal lives.  He communicates integrity and passion in leadership in a way few speakers can.  I watched him captivate a packed room of both high school students and their parents.
Marilyn Tinnin
Editor, Mississippi Christian Living Magazine